Ayrton Senna The Movie Poster The Ayrton Senna: The Movie biopic looks set for a worldwide release in 2011 after receiving some promising early viewing figures during its initial run in Japan.

The feature-length documentary produced by Working Title and Universal has exceeded box office expectations after its world premiere in Japan last month, and the film has will be released to its Brazilian audience next week.

Provided the Brazilian run proves equally successful, then, as producer James Gay-Rees confirmed, it will go on global general release.

“They don’t release this sort of thing very often so if it does well in Japan and does well here [in Brazil] then hopefully all the other major territories, who are pretty pumped up about it, will be tracked with the Grands Prix because it seems to be working following that strategy,” he said.

Ron Dennis & Ayrton Senna, 1992 The documentary has drawn very positive reviews so far, with former McLaren team principal Ron Dennis a keen promoter of the film that covers the McLaren and Senna partnership between 1988-93.

“To say that I enjoyed it would be trite and inappropriate – the story is an emotional one and I’m sure the vast majority of viewers will therefore be touched emotionally when they see it told on the silver screen,” he said.

“But the most important question is this: is the film a faithful and fitting tribute to the man? And in my opinion the answer is: yes, it is.”

Senna’s nephew, Bruno, who was present at the film’s Brazilian premiere was equally thrilled with the film, when asked about it during Thursday’s Brazilian Grand Prix press conference.

Bruno pictured with his legendary uncle in 1993 “It reminded me of so many things that just got dulled by time. It’s very special for me, I think for anyone who’s a racing driver it’s going to be quite special, whoever was a fan of Ayrton. For people who didn’t know Ayrton, they will have a pretty good image of what Ayrton was all about,” he said.

“It’s not a movie about racing itself but it’s a movie about the life of Ayrton, the implications of what he did in his life. It feels very special and definitely brought back many memories, good memories and some sad memories as well, of course.”

Click here to watch the official movie trailer.

[Original images via AUTOSPORT and The Cahier Archive]

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