Former FIA President Max Mosley has criticised the expansion of the 2011 F1 season calendar to twenty races in an interview with Germany’s Welt newspaper.

Max Mosley is urging further cost-cutting in F1 This year’s championship season, at 19 races, was the equal-longest in the sport’s history, and next year’s calendar will see the addition of an Indian Grand Prix to swell the season to twenty rounds.

Races in the United States and Russia are also set to be added to the roster, which could see the championship expand further to 22 races if no existing races are shelved.

“For me personally, it’s too much,” Mosley said in the interview.

“In my opinion that’s too many Sunday afternoons to expect people to dedicate to Formula One. At some point, it starts to become tiresome.

“And then if you start skipping a race here and there it can quickly become a habit and it can snowball in terms of the TV ratings,” he added.

Mosley, who long campaigned for reduced costs in the sport, was succeeded as FIA President by former Ferrari team principal Jean Todt last year after holding the post since 1991.

“In January 2008 I warned that without cost reduction it won’t be only the small teams having problems,” he continued, again expressing concerns that the current costs in F1 are still too high.

“It has arrived: Honda, BMW, Toyota and Renault have gone because the budgets are out of proportion,” he added. “This continues to be true and it worries me.

“For 2011 you need $100 million, with thirty or forty from Bernie Ecclestone, perhaps twenty to twenty-five from sponsors or the drivers. I’d say six teams are wondering where the rest is coming from.”

He warned: “It’s quite possible we’ll lose two or three teams.”

Mosley added that a solution to this would be the implementation of a budget cap for 2012-3, forcing teams to cut costs further.

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