Mark Webber’s surprising loss of pace during the final races of the 2010 F1 season could well be explained by the fact that he had broken his shoulder in another cycling accident, a fact that he hid from his employers, Red Bull Racing.

Mark Webber carried another cycling injury into the last four rounds of the 2010 season Webber badly broke his right leg in a cycling accident during his annual Tasmanian charity event in late 2008, and then hid from his management that he had also broken his shoulder.

But with his injuries seemingly healed, Webber missed the post-season Abu Dhabi Pirelli test to undergo more surgery, which many assumed was due to his earlier injuries.

However, one of the many juicy nuggets we alluded to in our review of his book, Up Front, has since emerged, and it is that the 34-year-old broke his left shoulder again after the Singapore Grand Prix.

This time, he crashed his mountain bike when Sebastian Vettel the friend he was cycling with toppled over into his path.

Webber’s injury is referred to in medical circles as a “skier’s fracture”; not deemed serious, but deep enough within the joint to cause serious discomfort.

While Webber certainly needs to be fit enough to wield a Formula 1 car at over 200mph, it perhaps might be wiser to stick to a static cycling machine if he is going to continue to risk further injuries to himself.

And team boss Christian Horner will certainly be reminding himself of the old adage: “Fool me one, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me”.

Describing his reaction as one of “disappointment and frustration”, Horner admitted to no knowledge “about the book, let alone the shoulder [injury],” he told London’s Telegraph.

“It is obviously disappointing that Mark said nothing,” he continued. “It was an injury that did not appear to have any effect on his performance but all the same it would have been nice to know about it.

“Our drivers have an obligation to make sure they are fit,” he continued. “It seems bikes don’t agree with Mark so maybe it would be better if he stayed away from them.”

Indeed, Christian! One expects there might be some rather strict restrictions on Mark’s extra-curricular activities for the 2011 season, or a truckload of cotton wool being freighted to each of the 21 races next season…

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