The 2010 Formula One World Championship Review is the official FIA approved DVD review of the 2010 F1 season. Marking the first championship title for Sebastian Vettel and Red Bull Racing, the season saw a host of further rule changes that saw the 2010 F1 Formula One World Championship Reviewchampionship fight broaden to cover five drivers across the length of the season, with Vettel triumphing at the season finale having never led the championship points race at any stage.

The two-disc DVD edition provides fans with the best action and highlights from all nineteen rounds of the championship, allowing you to relive all of the highs, lows and controversies of a thrilling championship battle with more than five hours of footage.

Incredibly (and laughably), the content is not shown in true high definition, although it must be said that the quality shown is of a very high quality anyway.

Ben Edwards continues his longstanding role of narrating the race action, but in this season review he is joined by Will Buxton, who fills the role of narrating the pre-race and qualifying content. Quite why the producers opted for this split narrative is not known, as neither narrator actually interacts with the other, and it serves are rather more of a small nuisance than anything else.

The pre-season discussion is noticeable by its absence; there’s next to no discussion or profiling of the grid’s twelve teams any equally little covering the rule changes that have come into effect in the 2009-10 off-season. There is generally little focus on qualifying action or highlights either.

Thankfully, the editors haven’t been as lax when it comes to compiling the race highlights from each of the championship rounds, with most of the major moments of each race included, and often with unseen footage to whet the appetite further.

There are plenty of great examples to pick, with our favourite being Robert Kubica’s consternation at finding a mobile phone in his cockpit during practice for the Bahrain Grand Prix!

Much of the focus is on the battle between the championship contenders, and there are times when the coverage of the battles further down the field is a little lacking.

Both discs contain some very good features in their traditional ‘onboard’ and ‘special features’ of the discs, but the producers have again changed up the format of this as well.

Rather than being presented with single onboard laps (and rather pithy commentary from the nominated driver) from each circuit, we’re given a host of onboard treatments of various highlights at each circuit, such as the opening lap chaos of the Australian Grand Prix from half a dozen drivers’ perspectives, with real-time pit-to-car radio.

There are other excellent special features, such as the McLaren drivers paying tribute to Alain Prost and Ayrton Senna, and feature pieces on Mark Webber and Fernando Alonso.

Probably more a reflection of how quickly the producers needed to get the DVD ready for sale release after the end of the season, there’s no corresponding tribute piece on Sebastian Vettel’s title achievement either…

Indeed, the title of ‘Sebastian’s Coming of Age’ is itself a rather questionable choice, as the DVD doesn’t offer much in the way of objective criticism of Vettel’s driving and his evidently close relationship with Helmut Marko certain Red Bull figures, in comparison to the criticism the coverage more sternly applies to Ferrari in the wake of the team orders fiasco.

In summary:

  • HITS: Plenty of onboard footage from up and down the grid, providing the armchair viewer with plenty of action from all the championship rounds; broader access to pit-to-car radio than what you typically get in a live broadcast
  • MISSES: The addition of Will Buxton to the narrative piece; the repetitive use of video montages summarising what we saw just half an hour ago; no true high-definition resolution?
  • BEST BITS: Great feature pieces between the races, such as the analysis of Mark Webber’s collision with Heikki Kovalainen from the medics’ perspectives

Using our unique ‘Chequered Flags’ rating system, we award the 2010 Formula One World Championship Review

Chequered_flag (4.5)

The 2010 Formula One World Championship Review is available at all leading DVD and sports retail outlets.

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