The 2010 Formula 1 season was full of intrigue and excitement from the word go, and dominated by a host of stories, scandals, delight and politics.

Our content has always aimed to put the fun back in F1, and with your support we’ve gone a long way to achieving that from the site’s very humble beginnings back in March when the domain was created.

We’ve given you in-depth coverage of all of the events, brought you inside gossip and analysis, and broken news stories before other much larger and more established publications. Our exclusive interviews have been enormously popular (there will be plenty more to come in 2011!), and our ‘Top-10’ countdowns have proven equally well-visited.

So just what were the most popular articles on the Richard’s F1 website in 2010?


10. Top-10 Ugly Liveries

One of the more recent of our growing ‘Top-10’ countdown feature articles, the article proved that a good colour palette is crucial when it comes to decking out a Formula 1 car, and we highlighted some of the more shocking examples seen in Formula 1. To read the full article, click here.


9. Top-10 ‘And they walked away from this crash’

The second of three ‘Top-10’ feature articles to make our countdown, this proved that everyone loved a good accident in Formula 1, although very much on the proviso that no one is hurt. Here we concentrated on some of the truly noteworthy smashed, where the driver – or drivers – managed to walk away completely unscathed. To read the full article, click here.


8. More on McLaren’s ‘F-duct’

McLaren F-Duct This article is something of a surprise piece in the countdown, but it stemmed from the fact that we were among the first of the English-speaking publications to run an in-depth analysis of McLaren’s novel ‘F-duct’, which made its debut in the latter stages of pre-season testing and its race debut at the season-opening Bahrain Grand Prix. To read the full article, click here.


7. Drivers play fashion models for a day

The Monaco Grand Prix is one of the more unique events on the Formula 1 calendar, and is the greatest opportunity for the rich and the famous, the wannabes and the posers, to mingle with F1’s glitterati. One of the highlights of the weekend – aside from the race itself – is the Amber Lounge Fashion Show, where many of the drivers are called up to play the role of catwalk model. We were one of the first sites to run an extensive picture spread from the event, which no doubt proved a particularly popular feature for our female readership! To read the full article, click here.


6. The death of Kimi Räikkönen’s father

A sad piece we ran just before Christmas reporting the death of Kimi Räikkönen’s father, Matti, who passed away suddenly at the age of 56. The timing of it being at Christmas was all the more painful for his family, and this article garnered a very high interest among F1 fans (particularly via Twitter) as we were the first English-speaking publication in the world to run the story. To read the article, click here.


5. Rubens rubs it in

Another surprising entry in our countdown, where we ran a story following Rubens Barrichello’s shock fastest lap in the F1 Star in a Reasonably-Priced Car on Top Gear. Turns out that Rubens was so proud of the achievement that he gave many of his peers who had previously appeared on the show (and not lapped quicker than The Stig) a special present. To read the full article, click here.


4. Our exclusive interview with Alan Jones

An Australian website securing a lengthy interview with one of Australia’s most successful F1 pilots was always going to be a winner for Richard’s F1, and our interview with ‘Jonesy’ provided everything: some great stories, strong opinions on the current state of play in the sport, and his honest and frank views on a huge range of topics. It was a massive coup to land an interview with Alan in our formative months, and it raised the profile of our site enormously, opening the door for us to have many more very popular and well-read interviews. We will have plenty more to give you in 2011! To read the full interview, click here.


3. Mark Webber’s appearance on 60 Minutes

Another Australia-specific story, Mark Webber’s feature interview on our local 60 Minutes show raised his profile enormously on home soil, and certainly helped to improve the media coverage of Formula 1 within Australia, which had (of late) been rather poor. To read the full article, click here.


2. Top-10 ‘Seriously Ugly Design Concepts’

The most popular of our ‘Top-10’ countdown features in 2010, we published this one in June to concentrate on some of the less aesthetically-pleasing design concepts developed in Formula 1 over the last sixty years. From Walrus noses, ‘Dumbo Ears’, ‘Viking Horns’ and ‘Shark Fins’, designer will push their interpretations of the rules to the furthest extent in order to get a competitive advantage over their rivals. Unfortunately some of these concepts should have been outlawed on the grounds of taste alone, as we successfully argued here. To read the full article, click here.


1. Our exclusive interview with Bruno Senna

Bruno Senna was the first exclusive interview with a current driver on the F1 grid, which led to us securing interviews with all of the Hispania Racing Team’s driver quartet in the following months. We spoke at length in the week leading up to the Bahrain Grand Prix, and proved an adept and charming character out of the cockpit. What made this the most popular article in 2010 was him posting the link to the interview via Twitter, where he has several thousands followers, who in turn, headed to our site in their droves. To read the full interview, click here.

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