Ferrari has been trying to poach Red Bull staff again, so Helmut Marko claims... So says Red Bull advisor Dr Helmut Marko, who claims that Ferrari has tried to get its mitts into more than just Red Bull Racing’s chief strategist Neil Martin, who the Scuderia recently confirmed as a new hire following an internal management reshuffle at Maranello.

“Ferrari have made massive efforts to get our people,” he told the Bild newspaper.

”But everyone has stayed in the boat,” he added. “This is important, because we have an unique spirit in the team and I get the feeling Ferrari wants to have it.”

Ferrari boss Luca di Montezemolo has made no secret of his desire to hire the team’s newly-crowned Drivers’ Champion Sebastian Vettel, or the team’s legendary chief designer, Adrian Newey.

But Vettel would be “stupid” to jump ship to Ferrari anytime soon, according to Marko.

“It’s only natural for a race driver to dream of Ferrari, and for Ferrari to want a great driver like Sebastian,” he added.

“[But] Sebastian won’t leave us just because of the Ferrari legend,” he continued. “He is smart enough to know that the time would have to be right for him.

“He would have to be stupid to go there with Fernando Alonso.

“We are the world championship team, and as long as we offer Sebastian a package that is better than the others, he’s not going to leave just because of a mythical history,” he concluded.

So worried is Red Bull that it could suffer a potential brain drain, it has recently extended the contracts of some 50 employees.

[Original image via Sky Sports Italia]

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