Hispania Racing has confirmed it has split from the Formula One teams’ Association (FOTA), claiming that the organisation does little to serve the interests of the smaller privateer outfits.

One of FOTA’s key aims was to investigate means of reducing expenditure to make the sport more viable for the smaller outfits such as HRT – for example, the implementation of a Resource Restriction Agreement.

Quite who pulled the trigger first is perhaps unclear, with FOTA claiming it suspended HRT after the Spanish squad failed to pay its €100,000 annual membership fee, and HRT claiming it walked away from the organisation.

However, team boss Colin Kolles has insisted that his outfit had already elected to leave FOTA by the time it was suspended because it could not see the point in remaining a member.

“The truth is we left because FOTA defends only the interests of the big teams,” Kolles is quoted by Gazzetta dello Sport.

“For example, it doesn’t divide the extra points revenues in equal parts as planned. The difference in TV rights revenues seems excessive between 10th place, which gets $36 million, and 11th which gets $10 million. So why should the entry fee be equal for everyone?”

Seems like a rather simplistic reason all up…

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