At season’s end we asked our loyal Richard’s F1 readers to vote in our inaugural Richard’s F1 Awards, where we would acknowledge the good, the bad, and the ugly of an incredible 2010 championship campaign.

A few other projects got in the way of publishing this a little sooner, but we’re pleased to share the results of your votes here…


Qualifying Lap of the Year

With the lack of refuelling and limited pit stops during the races in 2010, a good qualifying position was often half the battle to winning a race during the championship season, although Sebastian Vettel would prove time and time again that pole position can count for little on Sunday when the championship points are awarded.

So just what was the qualifying lap of 2010?

Richard's F1 Awards - Qualifying Lap of the Year


Overtaking Move of the Year

Despite the naysayers claiming that there was little in the way of overtaking in 2010, the year provided us with just a few yawn-fests (not surprisingly, Bahrain, Spain and Abu Dhabi were the main culprits) while other venues gave us plenty of wheel-to-wheel racing.

While some of it got too close for comfort, and your vote reflected two clear stand-out passing moves during 2010. Will the 2011 season – with adjustable rear wings and KERS – improve the spectacle, or dumb down the racing?



Drive of the Year

There were impressive performances up and down the field, but which drive impressed our readers the most?

There were two clear contenders – Kamui Kobayashi’s charge on home soil, and Sebastian Vettel’s win to take the championship at the season finale at Abu Dhabi – and it was a close-run thing in the end…

Richard's F1 Awards - Drive of the Year


Crash of the Year

The 2010 season gave fans and drivers plenty of heart-stopping moments on the circuit, but a few of our drivers have memories they might like to vanquish, having made our shortlist for ‘Crash of the Year’.

In the end, there could only be one winner, and this pair managed it by a landslide!

Richard's F1 Awards - Crash of the Year


Technical Innovation of the Year

On the technical front, the 2010 season was dominated by three concepts: the ‘F-duct’, the blown exhaust, and anything that flexed.

The FIA didn’t like the arms race the sport was heading to, and it has since moved to have many of these innovations banned for 2011.

So what did you think was 2010’s technical innovation of the year, and what do you think these clever designers will come up with next?

Richard's F1 Awards - Technical Innovation of the Year


Controversy of the Year

It wouldn’t be Formula 1 without drama and controversy, and the 2010 season proved no different, with plenty of talking points throughout the year.

From technical innovations to accusations of rule-bending, cat fights between teams and drivers, there was always an interesting scandal just around the corner.

But Ferrari took the biscuit – and your scorn – with their completely ham-fisted implementation (and buck-passing) in the team orders scandal from the German Grand Prix…

Richard's F1 Awards - Controversy of the Year


Tantrum of the Year

It wasn’t often that the drivers threw their toys out the pram in 2010, but one thing is for certain: when they did, it was generally spectacular.

Greater access to the teams’ radios during the 2010 season gave us a bigger insight into the inner workings (and breakdowns!) in intra-team harmony…

Richard's F1 Awards - Tantrum of the Year ————————————————————————————————————

Rookie of the Year

The 2010 season saw three rookie teams and six rookie drivers, although only half of these pilots filled the rookie team seats, if you follow our drift…

And a few of them certainly turned heads in 2010, with it being a close two-horse race between a certain Sauber driver and a certain Williams driver…

Richard's F1 Awards - Rookie of the Year


Friday Test Driver of the Year

The 2010 season saw the return of the Friday test driver, with four outfits – HRT, Lotus, Virgin and Force India – opting to run an extra driver for either technical or commercial reasons.

D’Ambrosio brace of Belgian Euros has helped him buy a seat with Virgin Racing next year, while the rapid Paul di Resta turned plenty of heads in his many outings for Force India, as you most certainly agreed…

Richard's F1 Awards - Friday Testr Driver


Hit of the Year

A combination of FIA initiatives, rules changes and technical innovations all contributed to make the 2010 championship season one of the most open in the sport’s history, with no less than five drivers in the mix to take the Drivers’ Championship crown with two races to go.

So what was your ‘Hit of the Year’?

Richard's F1 Awards - Hit of the Year


Fizzer of the Year

The start of any championship season sees many teams and drivers talking up their chances and declaring themselves world-beaters.

As ever, the proof is often in the eating, and several hapless souls were left licking their wounds at the end of 2010.

And in a closely-fought contest, you voted feverishly for your ‘Fizzer of the Year’…

Richard's F1 Awards - Fizzer of the Year


Team of the Year

Despite there being twelve teams in this year’s championship, all of the race wins and all-bar-one of the pole positions were monopolised among just three teams: Red Bull, McLaren and Ferrari.

Red Bull’s all-singing RB6 was simply mighty for much of the season, and it was only by dint of unreliability, poor tactics and some clumsy driving that kept the others in the hunt.

Nonetheless, you still were universally impressed by their efforts in making a world-beating car…

Richard's F1 Awards - Team of the Year


Driver of the Year

Five drivers split nineteen race wins between them, and just a handful of points separated them at season’s end because no one man proved dominant enough to run away with the championship crown.

You are hard but fair judges, and your choice for Driver of the Year went to none other than…



And finally…

We also gave every voter who submitted their details in the poll a chance to win a special giveaway prize from Richard’s F1, and we’re delighted to announce that the award goes to none other than Peter Gillespie, one of local readers from Sydney, Australia.

Congratulations, Peter! We’ll be in touch with you via email to get your details and send you your prize!

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