Is Luca di Montezemolo poised to take over from Italian PM Silvio Berlusconi? Ferrari boss Luca di Montezemolo has announced that this year’s Ferrari F1 chassis will be codenamed the ‘F150’, ahead of its launch an track debut on 28 January.

The name is a reference to the 150th anniversary of Italy unification, he confirmed.

So how does this news relate to the headline?

Di Montezemolo is well aware of the changing politics within Formula 1, as well as the ongoing changes occurring within Ferrari and its parent company, FIAT, which recently bought back a shareholding in Ferrari from the Mubadala Group, while Di Montezemolo earlier relinquished his post as FIAT’s President.

Rumours are growing ever stronger that di Montezemolo sees his future in Italian  politics, as the country’s embattled Prime Minister, Silvio Berlusconi, looks increasingly shaky in his hold on power.

It’s more a question of when, not if, Berlusconi succumbs to the pressure, and there are strong rumours that di Montezemolo will brought in as the opposition party’s top gun to re-form government and win the hearts and minds of the Italian populace.

Would it be remiss to suggest that the very naming of the F150 is not the first step in this process?

“Ferrari is the expression of Italian excellence, talent and creativity,” di Montezemolo said as part of this announcement.

“All the men and women who work with passion and commitment at Maranello share the pride and responsibility that comes with representing our country to the rest of the world and it is with this spirit that we wanted to dedicate the new car to such a historical event, which is of such importance to the entire country.”

[Original image via PoliticaLive]

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