The Ford Motor Company has lodged proceedings in the US Federal Court, accusing Ferrari vs Ford F-150Ferrari of trademark infringement and cybersquatting over the Italian car marker’s decision to use the ‘F150’ moniker in the naming of its 2011 Formula 1 contender.

Ferrari has named its car the F150 in honour of Italy’s 150 years of unification, but the name bears an all-too-close resemblance to the F1-50 name Ford has been using on its pickup trucks since 1975.

With Ford having earned some $180 billion from sales of the F-150 in the last fifteen years, it’s obviously quite possessive of any attempt to misappropriate the name it has held in trademark since 1995.

Ford is claiming in its suit that it has suffered irreparable damage through the misuse of the F-150 badge, and is demanding that the presiding judge block Ferrari from using the badge in the United States, be it on any merchandise or product made, imported or manufactured with that name in the country.

Ford is also seeking damages in its claim, demanding that Ferrari relinquishes any monies earned in the USA through the use of the F150 badge.

Additionally, it is seeking some $100,000 in damages as it is claiming Ferrari breached the current Anticybersquatting Consumer Protection Act, which exists to protect against domain names that could confuse the public over the source of its contents, services or products.

In honour of it choosing to use the F150 moniker on this year’s F1 car, Ferrari set up a website – a domain name that could be in breach of this legislation.

Ironically, plenty of ‘Ferrari vs Ford F-150’ pictures and videos have been doing the rounds lately, with the one above being our favourite!

It makes you wonder if Hispania Racing will soon be sued by

[Original image via RPM Go]

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