Red Bull Racing boss Christian Horner has urged the sport’s rule-makers to stop Red Bull's Christian Horner has called for a more serious approach to cost-cutting in F1cherry-picking around cost-cutting in Formula 1, and to agree to some proper spending cuts “one and for all”.

The very idea of a budget cap triggered a political war in the sport less than two years ago when then-FIA President Max Mosley floated the idea of a ‘two-tier’ championship if certain budget cap targets could be achieved by the teams.

Horner has suggested that, if the sport wants to continue reduce costs, that it needs to tackle the task seriously or not bother at all.

“We agree with restricting activity but don’t cherry-pick … let’s do a transparent once-and-for-all deal with this,” he told the Guardian newspaper, while adding that the teams’ focus on curbing spending were “heading in the right direction.”

Horner’s comments are interesting, given that his outfit – winners of the Drivers’ and Constructors’ championships in 2010 – was recently accused of breaching the very cost-cutting measures agreed to by the twelve teams forming the Resource Restriction Agreement, which governs and limits teams’ spending.

Is Horner perhaps trying to deflect attention away from a possible FOTA-led investigation into the team’s 2010 season finances?

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