Two figures in Formula 1 are reportedly a little upset over certain revelations unveiled Bernie Ecclestone and Flavio Briatore are reportedly none-too-pleased with recent biographiesin recently-published biographies on them.

Rather colourful titles have been published recounting the lives and times of F1 supremo Bernie Ecclestone and disgraced former Renault team principal Flavio Briatore, with Ecclestone (in particular) reported to be fuming over details published in Tom Bower’s No Angel: The Secret Life of Bernie Ecclestone.

According to a reporting in the Times newspaper, Bower is alleged to have betrayed Ecclestone by delving into, and publishing, details of the 80-year-old’s private life. So upset is Bernie that he is reportedly set to cancel the launch party for the title that he had originally endorsed and cooperated with it being written.

For a many of his profile, Ecclestone has rather incredibly managed to avoid any No Angel - The Secret Life of Bernie Ecclestoneextensively-written biographies that dig into his private life, although the most-famous biography would be Bernie: The Biography, penned by Susan Watkins, wife to former F1 medic Professor Sid Watkins.

Despite Watkins’ title not actually offering up anything too revelatory, it was reported that Ecclestone had, at the time, offered to pay for the title not to be published at all.

But it is believed that Bower overstepped the mark by publishing some of the less-savoury aspects of Ecclestone’s failed marriage to his ex-wife Slavica – a former model some 28 years younger than the short-statured billionaire.

In a serial extract of the title ahead of its release for sale, Bower portrayed Slavica very negatively, suggesting she would dominate and publically humiliate her husband.

Bernie & Slavica Ecclestone
Bernie and Slavica’s marriage was ‘a battlefield’, according to Ecclestone’s biographer

“I told Bower that I would answer all of his questions – anything – but the only thing I did not want in the book was my family,” an irate Ecclestone is quoted by the Times.

“Then this happens. I was willing to support him as best I could and I trusted him. I opened doors for him that he would never have had without me and gave him access nobody else has even dreamed of.”

But Bower has responded and suggested that Ecclestone would need to wait to read the entire publication.

“I stuck to the agreement about his family and I deliberately have not mentioned his daughters at all but I felt this was important material, much of it already in the public domain … Serialisations always seem worse,” he replied.

Il Signor Billionaire Meanwhile, Flavio Briatore has a biography about him to contend with as well, while the Italian multi-millionaire is also reportedly in the middle of trying to understand the reasons why those pesky Italian authorities keep seizing control of his bank accounts.

But the book, written by three authors and titled Il Signor Billionaire, delves into what they claim is Briatore’s particularly colourful past, and it is perhaps not surprising that Flav doesn’t come out of this in any favourable light.

The general gossip from Italy is that Briatore is such a fan of the biography that he has tried to buy all the copies for himself.

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