Man On The Move Man On The Move, by Gail Gray
Paperback, © 2008 AuthorHouse, ISBN 9781434329509

As a reader of this site, you are already a motorsport fan.

But imagine if your love of motorsport was so strong – and your admiration of one person in the sport was even stronger – that you decided to write your own book about them. Not only this, but you get it published.

Sounds unbelievable, doesn’t it? Well, not if your name’s Gail Gray and you’re a die-hard Michael Schumacher fan. Read on…

Born to a working-class UK family, Gail’s interest in Michael Schumacher was sparked at his debut Formula 1 race with Jordan in 1991, and it hasn’t stopped since.

Her home in Buckinghamshire is full of Schumacher memorabilia, and she hasn’t missed a race or not read a book about him.

The book's author, Gail GrayThe seven-time World Champion remains one of the most-written about stars in the sport, and we at Richard’s F1 have already published reviews of some of these titles

But this is a completely different book about Schumacher to the others you will have read. Gray’s book is what I’d liken as being a stream of consciousness as if she was addressing him directly. It’s an incredibly personal and intimate journey you’re taken on as a reader, and all the more fascinating and enjoyable because of it.

Gray (pictured) is a regular reader of Richard’s F1 and she has informed us that she’s considering a follow-up title now that he’s returned to the sport with Mercedes GP.

I’ve often found myself dreaming about writing a book, getting it published and then imagining it sitting on the bookshelves ready for others to read. But for a combination of a lack of time and/or impetus and not knowing exactly what I’d want to write about, this might remain a pipedream for some time yet…

I wholeheartedly applaud Gray for her achievements.


Man on the Move: Michael Schumacher, My Sporting Hero is available in limited release via Amazon.

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