While watching that classic Steve McQueen thriller from 1968, Bullitt – which has one of the best car chase scenes in the history of film-making – I saw an interesting little link to Formula 1…

There is a shot last just a few seconds in the sequence where McQueen’s Ford Mustang Fastback is pursuing the ‘bad guys’ in the Dodge Charger that this link appears…

Bullitt and Formula 1 That famous surname appears in Bullitt

Granted, Nigel Mansell, the future World Champion of 1992 was all of 15 years old when this classic film was released, but it’s a fun sight nonetheless!

A couple of interesting facts about this car chase scene:

  • The total time for the chase scene – filmed on the streets of San Francisco and the nearby town of Brisbane – is almost eleven minutes in length.
  • Two heavily-modified 325BHP 1968 398 CID Ford Mustang Fastbacks (on loan from Ford) were used for the chase scene, while two 375BHP 1968 440 CID Dodge Chargers were bought outright by the film’s studio company.
  • Filming the chase scene took three weeks, with top speeds of over 175km/h reached in some scenes.
  • McQueen – who was an accomplished driver in his own right – only drove in around 10% of the chase scene, while the rest was done with the use of stunt drivers
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