Bahrain Protests Bahrain Protests

Hopes of being able to reschedule the cancelled Bahrain Grand Prix might have to be re-evaluated again, with reports of more violent clashes between police and protestors on the streets of the island’s capital city, Manama.

A crowd of thousands of antigovernment protestors clocked access to the city’s financial district, blocking access to offices and pushing back police who tried to disperse them. The incident marks the most serious challenge to the very unstable political situation since protests that forced the Grand Prix’s cancellation began last month.

Report claim some 800 protestors were injured when police opened fire with tear gas and rubber bullets.

The country’s economy has tanked in the last month, with its precious tourism income having completely dried up and many international companies beginning to consider pulling the pin and leave the island national altogether.

[Original images via Australians For Palestine and EuroNews]

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