In the wake of a possible maiden race win going begging at the Chinese Grand Prix, a frustrated Nico Rosberg drowned his sorrows with a meal that will have his trainer committed for psychiatric help: a cheeseburger, fries and a large milkshake!

Big Merc The German was reportedly furious after the race at Shanghai, which he led on the back of his W02 showing potentially race-winning pace for the first time in 2011, when he was asked to back off to avoid running out of fuel.

When asked about his mood after the race, Rosberg told Bild am Sonntag: “Quite honestly, it’s something I’ve never experienced before. I was totally exhausted and not angry but so disappointed that I felt like crying.

“I had to be alone for a few minutes afterwards,” he added, before admitting to his little binge.

“I have nothing against pizzas either,” he joked. “I think after this I won’t eat anything for two days!”

However, the 25-year-old has taken plenty of comfort in the team’s recent upswing in performance, and believes that the Silver Arrows will soon be in contention for podium finishes.

“The first two races were not easy at all. After the tests we thought we would keep up with the best and now after Shanghai I believe it again,” he added.

One of the contributors to the team’s success was a change in how it approached the Chinese Grand Prix weekend, specifically concentrating on getting a better race set-up with a more ‘back to basics’ approach.

“The car has winning potential now. I remember in China seeing Sebastian Vettel in the mirrors and thinking that in two laps he would put me behind. But he didn’t.

“The team has done a great job, but falling into euphoria now would be wrong. Sebastian doesn’t have to worry too much yet. In qualifying we still lack too much – almost a second, but hopefully we can improve that.”

[Original image via Voiceover Times]

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