The FIA has extended the deadline for a decision on the Bahrain Grand Prix The FIA has granted the Bahrain International Circuit and the Bahrain Motor Federation a further extension until 3 June to decide whether it not it can indeed host a Grand Prix in 2011.

The decision was taken after consultation between the Bahraini authorities and the FIA World Motor Sport Council, with the date stipulated being when the governing body next meets in Barcelona.

The principal concern behind staging the Grand Prix in Bahrain will be that the race can continue without the safety of the teams and fans being put in jeopardy, and that the country’s repression of its citizens has stopped.

Indeed, the very idea of a Grand Prix being staged in Bahrain under the current circumstances continues to create a huge rifts within the sport’s fan base and even those within the sport.

There is little reason to believe that the FIA will change is requirements for a race to be staged, and simply extending the deadline – or indeed, changing the requirements – is a dangerous precedent.

There exists little doubt that any future races in Bahrain would be run under the tightest of security measures, simply to prevent the threat of anti-government protestors trying to highlight the apparent human rights abuses that have been occurring there in recent months.

Aside from the obvious question of why the sport continues to race in China when it too has a very questionable human rights policy is another matter entirely, and one not within the focus of this article… however it does beg asking. Perhaps the same could be said for the sport’s upcoming visit to Russia.

Certainly fans are hoping that the FIA wakes up to itself and realises the very real risk that the sport could land up becoming a political football in Bahrain.

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