Formula 1 team transporters may find themselves undergoing more than the usual level of police and customs scrutiny in the wake of an incident at the UK port city of F1 transporters could soon findf themselves under the scrutiny of customs authoritiesDover last month.

A search found a large quantity of drugs in team trucks belonging to the works Kawasaki World Superbike series team, which was on its return leg from a race in Italy.

Sadly it seems that some figures with shady motives have cottoned on to the fact that smuggling a quantity of drugs in a truck that is itself filled with a variety of storage vessels might in fact be a relatively easy thing to get away with. Until of course, one is caught.

Instances like these have happened from time to time in the history of motor racing, and the perception certainly is that this is becoming rather more prevalent with the continued cost blow-outs involved in going racing. Certainly there would be those desperate enough to have a punt.

The incident involving the Kawasaki team spells bad news for the rest of the motorsport world, as it will mean that police and customs groups will now start targeting more motorsport transporters in future.

“Our intelligence analysts will be looking much more closely at motor sport vehicles from now on, including Superbikes and even Formula 1,” a source from the UK Border Agency told London’s Telegraph newspaper.

“They have been pulled over very rarely and that will now change,” the source added.

An already hectic motorsport calendar places a premium on teams being able to move efficient between race meetings and their headquarters, and delays for police searches places this time management under even greater pressure.

One would certainly hope that those serious about motorsport would not involve themselves in this kind of activity as there is simply too much to lose, although some of you may recall that former F1 driver Tomáš Enge was stripped of his 2002 Formula 3000 title when he tested positive for marijuana use.

[Original image via Daily Mail]

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