Ferrari team principal Stefano Domenicali has called for a ‘discussion’ into what he believes is Formula 1’s disproportionate focus on aerodynamics.

With the team struggling at the start of the championship season, the Italian outfit has identified a combination of wind tunnel issues and the unadventurous design of its F150 Italia challenger as the root of its troubles. Recently, Ferrari president Luca di Montezemolo claimed that aerodynamics play an “80 per cent” role in the performance of today’s Formula 1 cars.

“F1 is also about the mechanical, the engines. This F1 does not sit well with me,” he said.

And not surprisingly, Domenicali has told Auto Bild that he fully supports the views of his manager.

“Actually, in Formula One at the moment there is really only aerodynamic development,” he said, citing the current rules that ban any engine development.

“It is 90 per cent of the performance which from the perspective of a car manufacturer such as Ferrari is unacceptable.”

The crux of Domenicali’s argument is that Ferrari – as a car manufacturer, to use his argument – spends little of its road car budget on aerodynamics, instead concentrating on its engineering.

“If we had the same approach for Formula 1, we would not qualify for the races. So there is an imbalance between real cars and Formula 1,” he argued.

Now these sentiments might be true, but they also come across as particularly glib. Domenicali can whinge all he wants about the sport being too reliant on aerodynamics, but all he is really doing is trying to divert attention away from the fact that his team’s car is uncompetitive.

Simply put, the team has not done a good enough job in comparison to its rivals on this year’s car.

Perhaps Ferrari would be better of investing its efforts in rising to the challenge laid down by its rivals rather than using its press office to complain about them.

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