Adrian Sutil could apparently be sued by Eric Lux after the pair's bar fight in Shanghai

News reports are claiming that Genii Capital CEO is gearing up to launch a €10 million damages claim against Adrian Sutil, who caused the Frenchman to need up to 24 stitches in his neck when he assaulted him with a broken champagne glass at a Shanghai nightclub during the Chinese Grand Prix weekend.

While the incident was not investigated by Chinese police and no criminal charges have been laid, it is believed that Lux will launch a civil suit in addition to filing a complaint with the FIA, according to a report in

While all parties have confirmed the incident, all are sticking to it being “a private matter” in their respective press releases, with Sutil declaring the incident was unintentional and accidental.

All up, there appears to be lots of stories and few concrete facts. The number of stitches required by Lux is seemingly up for debate, as are the number of people apparently involved in the incident itself.

The issue of alcohol being a factor is not something that many have discussed. ‘Glassing’ someone is not an everyday behaviour of a sober person, and it would be logical to presume that Sutil may have had a couple in the lead-up to the incident.

Even Sutil’s explanation that the injuries he afflicted on Lux were done “completely unintentionally” is particularly curious. It’s difficult to see how sticking a broken champagne glass in someone’s neck could not be done without a degree of intent.

Today’s F1 drivers rarely drink and are therefore more prone to the affects of alcohol than the general population, but you can speculate on this story until the chickens proverbially come home to roost.

Where this could become problematic is if the FIA decided to open the book and investigate the matter. Sutil has been quick to distance the incident as being unrelated to his duties as a Formula 1 driver, but the FIA recently confirmed it was taking any off-track incidents that damaged the sport’s reputation very seriously.

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