Both McLaren drivers, as well as Mark Webber and Jaime Alguersuari, were hauled in front of the race stewards after the Spanish Grand Prix for allegedly failing to slow sufficiently in the yellow-flag period for Heikki Kovalainen’s crash (pictured).

Heikki Kovalainen The only driver for whom any penalty – which in this case would be a time penalty of 25 seconds – would cause a change in results was Jaime Alguersuari, who would have been bumped down one place from his 16th-placed finishing position.

Lewis Hamilton (2nd), Jenson Button (3rd) and Mark Webber (4th) all finished a lap ahead of fifth-placed Fernando Alonso.

The speculation became academic when all four drivers were let off with a reprimand.

“We were able to show that they were slower at that corner than we had been,” McLaren boss Martin Whitmarsh told the BBC after the decision from his drivers’ respective meetings with the FIA Stewards had been made public.

“The data showed that they had been [slower] but I think the stewards still felt a reprimand was appropriate, but I think they took a sensible view.

“It was in a part of the circuit where they weren’t on throttle anyway. So that was the difficulty. Ordinarily you are having the debate and you can show a lift but when they are off throttle you can’t show a lift, can you?”

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