To trot out a famous Shirley Bassey lyric: “It’s all just a little bit of history repeating…”

We’ve had Ferrari kick off a mass restructure yesterday, and now another volcano in Iceland is causing the sport of Formula 1, with an erupting volcano in Iceland sending Grimsvotn Volcanoup a huge ash cloud that could grind flights and freight across Europe.

A similar event happened last year, with an ash cloud from the Eyjafjallajökull volcano causing concerns that the Spanish Grand Prix would be cancelled because all of the Formula 1 freight was stuck in China, unable to be flown to Europe.

On Saturday, the Grímsvötn volcano erupted and its ash cloud is now being blown over the UK. The haze has already seen the cancellation of hundreds of flights in the north of the country, while other countries are already making moves to restrict air travel.

With the F1 circus now in Europe for this weekend’s rounds at Monaco and next fortnight’s race at Valencia, there is unlikely to be much of an effect as the teams will commute via road between these venues and their respective headquarters.

However, the race after Valencia requires a trans-Atlantic flight to Canada, and if the cloud hasn’t cleared by then, we could be seeing some problems with the teams getting to North America…

[Image via Reuters]

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