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We’re thrilled to be part of the build-up for the world premiere of Disney . Pixar’s CARS 2, which hits the cinemas in just over two weeks’ time.

In the first of a series of special articles, we’re going to introduce you to a selection of the film’s major characters – and in this article, we’d like you to meet Lightning McQueen’s race track rivals, including a certain Lewis Hamilton…


Francesco grew up in the shadows of the famous Monza circuit where he and his friends would sneak on the circuit and race each other. An instant winner on the amateur circuit, he quickly became a champion in the international Formula Racer scene. Loved by the ladies for his open wheels, he is admired by youngsters and envied by his rivals. But the biggest threat to Francesco is Francesco himself. A favourite to win the World Grand Prix, he is Lightning McQueen’s chief rival.

Francesco Bernoulli
Max Schnell


Max started out as a humble production sedan in Germany with aspirations to move beyond just being an amateur racer. To hone his skills, he practices on the back roads in the Black Forest, and he was eventually talent-spotted by a team owner. A winner at the Motorheimring more times than anyone else, Max uses logic and analytics to refine his build with his engineering skills. He’ll use the same approach to outwit his opponents in the World Grand Prix.


Hailing from Rio de Janiero, this Latin diva can dance the night away at ‘Car-nival’, but she prefers to spend her time at the race track. After setting the lap record at Interlagos, she was drafted into the 24-hour endurance racing team in Europe where she proved a consistent podium finisher. The proud Brazilian Le Motor Prototype is the only female on the grid, and she’s utterly determined to win.

Carla Veloso
Miguel Camino


Hailing from Pamplona, Miguel is Spain’s most famous and admired car, after first catching his local fans’ attention by participating in the infamous Running of the Bulldozers. Possessing never-ending amount of flair as a toreador in the ‘dozer ring, he switched to motor racing and used the same disciplines to win over a new collection of fans. Bedecked in Spain’s national colours, Miguel will be hoping to win over more fans on the World Grand Prix stage.


A Le Motor Prototype racer hailing from Japan, Shu was raised at the foot of the active Mount Asama volcano and was a champion on the Suzuka circuit. Bearing a sleek design sporting a fiery red Ka-Riu dragon, Shu uses this as his icon, believing he possesses similarly fierce qualities. His coach – the only Japanese car ever to win at Le Mans – is one of many legacies in his team.

Shu Todoroki
Lewis Hamilton


The sleek and quick Grand Touring Sports champion, Lewis Hamilton’s determination has seen him a race-winner for nearly his entire young life. The celebrated Englishman continues his determination and quietly-spoken confidence onto the race track, where his achievements speak for themselves, courtesy of his record in the junior series. Bearing a striking black and yellow paint scheme, Lewis’ unrivalled technical skills, natural speed and coolness will make him a powerful rival.


Regarded as the world’s greatest rally star, Raoul aRoule was born in France. A restless child, he joined the Cirque du Voiture circuit and learned Gymkhana – a graceful, drift-filled motorsport that taught him pinpoint timing and an ability to negotiate tricky courses with ease. The first car ever to win nine rallies on the trot, he’ll be hoping he can use his rallying experience to gain an advantage over his World Grand Prix rivals during the three courses’ tough dirt sections.

Raoul aRoule
Jeff Gorvette


One of America’s greatest racing cars alive today, Jeff is a winner on the big ovals and road courses of the Grand Touring Sports championship. After moving from his hometown in California to Indiana so he could be closer to the racing scene, Jeff’s ability to accelerate earned many admirers. Unmatched in wins and titles, Jeff is a respected competitor – and a legitimate threat – to Lightning McQueen’s chances at the world Grand Prix.


Hailing from England, Nigel is an Aston Martin DBR9 who got his start in the Speed Hill Climb championship – a uniquely completely uphill race held on his family-owned Aston Hill Mountain Area. But despite the family connections, he’s a talented speed machine, winning many starts and heading into the World Grand Prix with a string of podium finishes. Cool and refined, he’s an imposing figure on the World Grand Prix stage.

Nigel Gearsley
Rip Clutchgonski


Hailing from the newly-independent former European colony of New Rearendia, Rip Clutchgoneski is the country’s best bet in its desperate bid to put the country’s name well and truly on the map. A string of remarkable performances in the qualifying races makes Rip’s appearance on the World Grand Prix stage one of the more remarkable Cinderella stories of the championship.

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