Michael Schumacher

While he may not have come close to equalling the success he enjoyed earlier in his career, no less than Michael Schumacher is still the sport’s biggest earner according to a report published in Forbes magazine.

The report ranked the 50 highest-earning athletes in its annual rankings report, and Schumacher’s alleged $34 million in earnings last year placed him at Number 9 on the list of the 50 highest-paid sports stars.

Forbes reports that the figure attributed to Schumacher includes his Mercedes GP retainer, as well as income earned from “bonuses, prize money, appearance fees, licensing and endorsement income”.

No doubt a few of you might be thinking what he’d be earning if he was achieving better race results…

Two places lower than Schumacher is Fernando Alonso, who earned $32 million, while Lewis Hamilton’s $30 million in earnings placed him fifteenth.

And sport’s biggest earner? Golfer and womaniser Tiger Woods, who raked in over $75 million despite having not won a single tournament since his infidelity scandal broke over a year ago.

And don’t think that our sports stars are getting it easy. The shrinking global economy has seen the average earnings of the world’s top-50 athletes reduce by 11% from the previous year.

Times are tough indeed…

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