Colin Kolles is reportedly on the outer at HRT...

An interesting rumour doing the rounds on Hispania Racing’s home turf at last weekend’s European Grand Prix was that the Carabante family is looking to take greater control of the team and dispense with the services of team boss Colin Kolles.

Furthermore, the rumours also claim that technical director Geoff Willis will be promoted to a more senior role – possibly team principal – while former BAR/Honda ally of Willis, Gary Savage, is on the verge of signing to the team in a senior technical role.

It would seem that Willis is working on building a nice structure around him, as another ex-BAR man on the payroll is Jacky Eeckelaert.

Quite where this stems from is another matter entirely, but it seems to be bubbling along with rumours that Kolles’ patience with the team’s Spanish owners is rapidly running out.

The structure of the HRT outfit is this: the Carabantes own the entry, while leasing the team from Kolles, whose Bavaria-based operation – which includes a Le Mans team among others – has all of the equipment and contracts. Were Kolles to walk away our be pushed, the team would have little hope of being able to field two entries at next weekend’s British Grand Prix as the Carabantes do not control any of the assets or personnel.

The other (alleged) problem is that the team is seriously in debt – hardly surprising news, given its lack of sponsorship income – and owes its creditors rather a lot of money, prompting yet more speculation that the banks may step in and take over the team and do a deal with Kolles to keep it going.

Underneath all of this, it would probably seem fair to assume that Kolles would happily buy the team if he had the funding to do so and the Carabantes wanted to sell up.

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