Craig Pollock

Despite the changes to the new engine regulations, Craig Pollock’s PURE organisation is still pressing ahead with its plans to supply cut-price engines to Formula 1 teams from 2014 onwards.

The founder of British American Racing and former manager to Jacques Villeneuve revealed in May that he was setting up a company to design an F1-spec four-cylinder turbocharged engine for the FIA’s proposed 2013 engine regulations changes.

But the sport’s governing body has now not only agreed to delay the introduction of the new engines until 2014, but also amend their configuration to six-cylinder turbocharged units.

According to Pollock, the change in the fine print has set back PURE by “about a month”, but that it was still all systems go.

“We already started to work on the V6 engine when we realised it was going to happen, which was probably about ten days ago,” he is quoted as saying.

“We will obviously be able to use certain technologies that we have developed from the four-cylinder and put it into the six-cylinder.”

But Pollock – who will travel to Silverstone for this weekend’s meeting with the FIA about the forthcoming engine regulations – was not happy that the sport’s powerbrokers backed down to the demands of a select few who were opposed to the original engine configuration that was on the table.

“I don’t think it has done the sport an awful lot of good, I think yet again it shows huge weaknesses [from the FIA].”

[Image via Sutton Images]

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