The Yas Marina circuit wont be redesigned, just yet...

There’s an old phrase that defines insanity as “repeating the same action hoping for a different outcome”, and the decision of the Abu Dhabi circuit bosses to delay redesigning the circuit’s layout, it could well be argued, is a very example of this.

Of the many circuits that Hermann Tilke has graced Formula 1 fans with, his Yas Marina design has been widely touted as one of his worst efforts, with the two races held there to-date being nearly bereft of overtaking opportunities.

Last year’s race saw a combination of a bad Ferrari strategy call highlight the flaws of the circuit’s dreary layout, as Fernando Alonso found his tilt at the Drivers’ Championship go up in smoke when he was stuck behind Vitaly Petrov’s slower Renault for lap after lap (pictured).

We reported in April that the circuit’s bosses had committed to modifying the track layout to encourage more passing, but they’ve now halted any further decision-making until after this this year’s race, no doubt hoping that the new-for-2011 rules will provide a similar level on-track action that has been witnessed at most other races this year.

“With all the changes implemented by the FIA, the racing so far this year has been full of overtaking and excitement,” Yas Marina CEO Richard Cregan told Abu Dhabi’s The National newspaper.

“So we decided, rather than spend a whole lot of money making these changes, we’ll wait and see how [this year] goes first,” adding that the proposed changes would only be implemented if this year’s race fails to deliver.

To use a circuit that’s comparatively similar, the last race at the Valencia street circuit – a track that share many fundamental similarities with Yas Marina – failed to deliver the hype that many had hoped, and it was also criticised for being a generally processional race.

[Original image via The Cahier Archive]

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