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It seems that McLaren’s once-supreme public relations appearance is steadily eroding away in the absence of Ron Dennis’ leadership, after Lewis Hamilton had another dummy spit after qualifying a lowly tenth for today’s British Grand Prix.

The 2008 World Champion was frustrated with the result on home soil, and chose his post-qualifying media appearances as the opportunity to criticise the efforts of his team, while also hinting that he is overworked with publicity duties to satisfy the team’s sponsors.

Perhaps it’s a case of genuine frustration, or perhaps he’s picked up some diva-esque habits off singer girlfriend Nichole Scherzinger?

Either way, Red Bull team boss recently rejected suggestions that McLaren’s star would join the Milton Keynes squad’s family in the near future, claiming that his arrival would risk impacting team harmony if he were to partner Sebastian Vettel.

Perhaps he got wind of Hamilton’s less-than-sponsor-friendly schedule allowances the 26-year-old wants to write into a future deal with McLaren?

“When I re-sign the contract with McLaren they are going to be shocked at how many days they are not going to be able to make me do,” Hamilton – in his latest extraordinary outburst – told reports after qualifying, in the wake of a demanding pre-Silverstone schedule.

“I will be doing a lot less work. There is definitely a danger of burn-out. Am I tired? Um, maybe. Have I trained? No, never trained for the past two weeks.

“But what’s important is that the sponsors are happy,” he added backhandedly.

His latest tantrum will have McLaren’s media team working overtime to craft the inevitable retraction statement from the Briton, who was again vocal in his pessimism about his team’s chances of victory.

“I think we might have run out of miracles,” he added. “I think I drove the car as well as I could. It’s going to be a long, long season.”

Even his own team members were not able to escape his vitriole.

“I can’t see the weather forecast from inside my car but I kept asking my guy ‘What’s the weather doing?’ Everyone else went out on new tyres, while I was out on old ones.”

[Original image via The Cahier Archive]

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