9/16 … Well done, Nigel! – The Official Review of the 1992 FIA Formula 1 World Championship Season 1992 F1 Formula One World Championship Review
VHS, © 1992 Pegasus, 90 minutes

One look at the title is pretty much the only giveaway you need that this particular FIA-endorsed season review is all about one man: Nigel Mansell, winner of the 1992 Formula 1 World Championship.

Having moved away from DUKE’s usually high standards when it comes to end-of-year reviews, a different production company took over the rights to this video, and there’s consequently a very different feel with this one. The most obvious is that this is really a tribute video to how Mansell cakewalked the 1992 championship season.

Narrated by Steve Ryder and Simon Taylor, it’s a very one-eyed 90-minute special, with limited acknowledgement of the other teams further down the grid who were competing for the ‘also ran’ honours. Indeed, the title focuses so strongly on Mansell that you see little in the way of on-track action between the other drivers.

One major plus is that the producers elected to include more onboard footage than previous videos of this era (a period where onboard cameras were still relatively new, it must be said).


In summary:

  • HITS: If you’re a Mansell fan, then you’ll love this season review. It’s focus on him and his record-breaking season is certainly impressive.
  • MISSES: Scant attention to the non-Williams runners, in what is a very one-eyed tribute to Mansell. Unless you like Mansell, of course…
  • BEST BITS: While there’s seemingly little attention given to much of the on-track action, Michael Schumacher’s maiden win at Spa-Francorchamps was given decent treatment.

Using our unique ‘Chequered Flags’ rating system, we award the 1992 Formula One World Championship Review


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