Codemasters' lack of interest in the motorsport media leaves little to be desired...

You would think that Codemasters would be moving mountains to engage the motorsport media landscape to help promote the new F1 2011 game title as it hit the shelves this week.

Think again.

In the lead-up to the release of F1 2010, we successfully made contact with Codemasters’ Australian subsidiary, Namco-Bandai, and were offered assurances that we would be added to a distribution list for all future media events, including opportunities to preview the game before its release.

For whatever reasons, the majority of these events were scrapped, and despite repeated efforts to engage Namco Bandai’s marketing team, our efforts were fruitless.

Parallel this with the immediately apparent bugs that race fans were discovering in F1 2010 and raising on the forums, Codemasters went into total shutdown. It took them weeks to address even simple requests, while fans grew increasingly frustrated at the group’s silent, seemingly arrogant, approach. Why help the customer when you’ve already secured the payment from them?

Fast forward to the announcement that F1 2011 would be in production, and we immediately moved to engage Namco Bandai and Codemasters once again, in the hope that we could again help promote the game in the lead-up to its release.

And again, despite repeated emails and phone calls, our requests have never been acknowledged. Our sources tell us that we weren’t the only Australian media group who’ve been shafted in this fashion.

Even attempts to engage the broader Codemasters HQ have proven to be a dead-end. Despite having a very active presence on Facebook and Twitter, media queries are simply ignored.

We weren’t asking for any special treatment above and beyond what other agencies were looking for. We were simply offering our services to get involved in the excitement of one of the most significant motorsport games being released.

Not much to ask, one would think? But apparently it’s too hard for Codemasters.

Stay tuned for our review of ‘F1 2011’, which will be online tomorrow

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