The Piranha Club: Power and Influence in Formula One, by Timothy Collings 
Paperback, © 2004 Virgin Books, ISBN 9780753509654

The Piranha Club Rewind the clock twenty years, and F1 newcomer Eddie Jordan would find himself snookered by the Flavio Briatore-led Benetton team, wresting the coveted contract of Michael Schumacher from his grasp after the German’s impressive debut at the Belgian Grand Prix.

Smarting from the experience, Jordan recalls McLaren boss Ron Dennis cold words of comfort: “Welcome to the Piranha Club.”

This attention-grabbing term is the basis for Timothy Collings’ book of the same name, which is a detailed investigation of the people who wield the power in Formula 1.

The more romantic of F1 fans will simply believe that it’s a gladiatorial sport when the world’s best drivers do battle once a fortnight.

The more learned – and perhaps, cynical – also know that behind the sporting front, there’s also a huge business empire, a mass of individuals and corporations with conflicting agendas and (often) self-serving interests at heart.

Collings’ book takes a look at this commercial aspect of the sport and devotes each chapter to profiling the sport’s leading team owners and its most powerful figureheads, past and present.

This is a great introduction for fans new to the sport, or for those looking for an easy-to-understand analysis of the leading figures who wield their wills in the sport’s clandestine corridors of power.

Generally well-researched and supported by many insightful interviews, Collings’ book is an easy, well-organised read.

Using our unique ‘Chequered Flags’ rating system, we award The Piranha Club

Chequered_flag (3.5)


The Piranha Club is available at specialist bookstores and Amazon.

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