Is Vijay Mallya selling a stake in Force India?

In Australian politics, there are two types of promises: ‘core’ promises (those made with every intention of not being broken, but usually are) and ‘non-core’ promises (those made with the absolute intention of being broken).

In F1, it would appear that ‘core’ and ‘non-core’ could also apply to the denials teams and team figures issue when rejecting various bits of speculation doing the rounds.

Which brings us to Force India boss Vijay Mallya, who last week issued a hastily-worded press release denying that his team was up for sale.

So what exactly is Mallya now doing in scheduling a press conference today with Sahara Group chairman Subrata Roy?

In the days leading up to last weekend’s Japanese Grand Prix, a rather well-respected Indian newspaper ran a story that claimed Mallya was going to sell the Force India team.

The team reacted quickly, issuing a press release that quoted Mallya fervently denying the rumours.

“I was shocked to read a media report that I am selling the Force India Formula One team,” he said. “This is completely untrue and without any basis whatsoever. I take great pride in having been able to put an Indian team on the Formula One World Championship grid and have worked very hard to greatly improve the performance of the team.

“Now that India is finally on the Formula One World Championship calendar, my commitment to Force India becomes even stronger. As Team Principal, I will continue to run the team and I have no plans whatsoever to exit.”

So if there is actually a sale being announced, then it could seem that Mallya has been telling a few porkies…

That being said, it also makes little sense to sell the team just two weeks out from India hosting its inaugural Grand Prix. Mallya has made it rather clear that he wants to be seen as the man who brought F1 to India.

A sale announcement serve little more than to rain on his parade…

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