'Round The Bend', by Jeremy Clarkson Round the Bend, by Jeremy Clarkson
Paperback, © 2011 Penguin, ISBN 9780718158415

Top Gear host Jeremy Clarkson is well-known for being irreverent, and occasionally downright rude.

And his latest book, Round The Bend (which hits the bookshelves today) is no different.

Containing the best of his Sunday Times columns, Clarkson takes a look at the newest-release cars to hit the UK dealerships, and he’s certainly not afraid to pull any punches…

This is the first proper publication from Clarkson that concentrates exclusively on motoring, and it’s certainly his best, most entertaining writing we’ve had the chance to review to-date.

Compiling and putting together a sequence of weekly columns into a 400-page paperback isn’t a hugely demanding task, so quite why we’re now only getting to sample his writing from 2008-9 is a curious point.

But a major frustration with Round The Bend is that it’s entire content is sources from his columns, word by word. So if you’re going to keep the lines that include “the car you’re looking at on the top of the page”, then it’s perhaps a good idea to actually include the picture in the printing process.

Particularly when every second ‘chapter’ refers to pictures that aren’t printed.

Or better still, take the lines out entirely – readers wouldn’t then know the difference.

In all, despite some really excellent writing from Clarkson, the enjoyment of the book is severely tempered by this major gap in the editing process.

Using our unique ‘Chequered Flags’ rating system, we award Round The Bend


Putting in the pictures (or taking out the lines referring to them!) would have probably warranted a full score!

Round The Bend is available for purchase at most book resellers (RRP AU$29.95). Our review copy was supplied by Penguin Australia.

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