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As Formula 1 continues to gain more interest worldwide, many developers have come up with quality apps to provide F1 fans with statistics and updates on everything related to Formula 1. Our guest correspondent, Dawn Lovett, takes a look at six great apps that you might consider downloading to your mobile device. Prices quoted are from the Apple App Store, but some apps may also be available for other devices.


Apps for Now

  • F1 News: This app conglomerates news updates from several different F1 websites and presents them in the form of an RSS feed. When you’re on the go but want to stay updated on the world of Formula 1 racing, this app will provide you with quick news updates. (Free)
  • Ferrari Archive: If you’re a Ferrari lover, this app offers detailed information on ever Ferrari model since 1940. It covers over 200 models, with information such as dimensions, engine details, and performance data, along with 600 high quality photographs. The app also provides interesting facts about each model and a comprehensive glossary. ($1.99)
  • RaceSetup: When you need a break from reading about everything related to Formula 1, take a shot at using this app. Harness the science of a race setup to win races! The game’s Car Performance Measure (CPM) system shows you the results of any alteration you make to the car, whether fine tuning a specific component or trying different combinations. For further study, the game includes Engineer Solutions for those who want an edge over competition. ($2.99)
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Race Setup App


Apps for the 2012 Season

These three apps provide season-specific information, so at the moment it’s only possible to download the 2011 versions. To access historical data and review the 2011 season, you might consider downloading the 2011 apps. Otherwise, be on the lookout for these 2012 apps so that you can stay updated on all things Formula 1!

  • F1 2012 Timing App CP: This is by far the most detailed F1 app on the market. It gives you official Live Timing and Track Positioning features with 130 hours footage of P1, P2, P3, qualifying, and each race. It includes an interactive 3D map that allows you to see the position of each F1 driver. Once the 2012 season begins, you can even receive live data during qualifying sessions and races. With so many interactive features to offer, this app is a must-have for any F1 fan. ($25.99)
  • F1 Calendar 2012: If you want to stay updated on the schedules for F1 practice, qualifying, and races, this app is just what you need. It will also give you data for the latest results, driver and team standings, and F1 news updates. You will even find detailed driver and team profiles and statistics. This app isn’t just a calendar – you’ll have all the latest statistics in your pocket. ($0.99)
  • Formula1.com 2012: This app streams live timing data down to the detail for all Formula 1 races. It provides data for lap and sector timings, straight line speeds, a lap chart, circuit data, and more. You won’t find so much statistical data anywhere else. Once you register for free with Formula1.com, the app is free as well. (Free)
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Dawn Lovett has worked in automotive engineering for over 20 years. She also owns the site Online Engineering Degrees for students interested in getting an online degree in engineering.

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