The only person who will benefit from Spain's economic woes will be Bernie Ecclestone...

Authorities representing the Spanish and European Grands Prix are giving F1 fans a classic example of how not to go about doing business with the sport’s puppet-master, Bernie Ecclestone.

Within days of one another, representatives for each race have gone on the record and hinted that they will need to negotiate cheaper race deals if they are to remain on the F1 calendar.

While obviously a result of the fairly perilous position that the Spanish economy currently sits in, such talk is very unwise, for those who know how Ecclestone operates.

He’s recently made it quite clear that he’d be more than happy for a few European events to fall off the calendar in order to make way for other venues who are more than willing to stump up the cash to have Formula 1 visit their shores.

All these hints from Barcelona and Valencia will serve to do is move them to the front of the queue for the guillotine.

The other matter to consider is that both races are roundly criticised by the sport’s armchair fans for providing poor racing, and the absence of one or both venues would certainly be welcomed by many – not least of which being a large selection of our readers…

The sensible option for these venues to contain their costs somewhat is to move to alternatively host the Spanish Grand Prix every two years – this is an idea that the Barcelona officials floated, but one which the Valencia officials have rejected, according to the latest reports.

Catalonia government official Francesco Homs was quoted by Spanish sports newspaper Marca as recalling that the idea of alternatively hosting the Spanish Grand Prix was unsuccessfully floated to Valencian officials nine months ago.

It might be high time to get back to the negotiating table…

[Original image via LAT]

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