The 2011 F1 Season Review title has not been granted import permission into Australia A few of you have already noticed that we haven’t yet published our review of the official 2011 Formula 1 Season Review, which for the first time is being released on Blu-Ray.

This was a title we were greatly looking forward to watching and reviewing, it being the first high-definition release of a season review in the sport’s history.

The simple truth? It’s not being made available for retail release in Australia.

So who is to blame for this?

The 2011 Formula 1 Season Review is being published by Universal Pictures UK, after Formula One Management elected to switch producers.

Each year, these titles have been distributed in Australia by the Visual Entertainment Group, but the change in published means that Universal Pictures Australia would normally take the reins.

But there’s a stumbling block: in order for the UK arm of Universal Pictures to release the title in Australia, it has to not only repackage and reissue the title, but also submit it to Australia’s Office of Film & Literature Classification for review.

Historically, the F1 season reviews have been passed by the OFLC as ‘Exempt from Classification’, and the same result would almost assuredly be achieved for the 2011 review. But the OFLC has to get involved just in case it may want to change the classification of the title from its original UK rating.

Bluntly, it’s bureaucracy gone mad and it’s a complete joke.

The solution? We, like any other Australian wanting to access the title, are now having to find it on Amazon or eBay in order to get a copy. Even Universal Pictures UK can’t issue us a review copy because it would flout the OFLC’s guidelines.

So hopefully we’ll have a review up soon, stay tuned…

In the meantime, you can check out our other media reviews by clicking here.

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