Lotus F1's 'reactive ride' system has been banned by the FIA

One suspects there will be a mixture of love and loathing for the FIA among F1 teams today, after it was revealed the the sport’s governing body has decided it will outlaw the ‘reactive ride’ braking system pioneered by the Lotus F1 team.

It is understood that the FIA issued a directive to all teams yesterday that indicated it was no longer satisfied that the system – designed to regulate ride height under braking – was legal under the current rules.

The decision of the governing body is particularly interesting, given that it marks a complete U-turn from an earlier decision it had apparently made to legalise the device when the concept was first floated by Lotus F1, which had already run the system during November’s ‘Young Drivers’ test at Abu Dhabi.

But with knowledge of the device becoming more public, rival teams would either have elected to try and copy the design concept themselves, or opt for the more cost-effective path of lobbying to have the device banned.

[Original image via Sutton Images]

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