Adrian Sutil defended his assault charges in a Munich court

While today is a busy day with news from a host of motorsport categories, the big news in Formula 1 is that Adrian Sutil’s long-awaited court case finally got underway overnight in Munich, where the dumped Force India driver answered charges about that infamous Shanghai nightclub bust-up with Lotus F1 executive Eric Lux.

The German appeared in the witness box to defend the charges of causing grievous bodily harm on Lux, who required two-dozen stitches in his neck after he was allegedly ‘glassed’ by the Formula 1 driver following an altercation.

While Lux maintained that the injuries inflicted by Sutil were deliberate, Sutil has contested this and repeated his claims that he had only meant to throw the contents of his champagne flute in Lux’s face.

According to Reuters, Sutil told the court that he had tried to make attempts to apologise to Lux.

“I did everything to try to settle this row. I am really sorry, extremely sorry. I never wanted for this to happen,” he is quoted as saying, while adding that Lux has tried to do everything to destroy his career in the subsequent months since the incident.

Sutil offered evidence that he and Lux had discussed an out-of-court settlement which included the German making a sizeable donation to an African charity Lux supports, but that the Luzembourg business had rejected this.

“He threatened me with ‘destroying’ me and ensuring that I go to prison for a long time,” Sutil added, while also claiming that Lux had made “strange offers” involving “a lot of money” and Sutil disappearing from the F1 scene for an undetermined period.

While the behaviour that ensued after the incident is actually of little relevance, what is interesting is what evidence the nightclub’s security cameras will reveal of the incident.

Of equal interest is what Lux may have apparently said or done to provoke Sutil’s reaction.

Sutil faces a one-year suspended sentence if he is found guilty, although hopes of rebuilding his F1 career will be of greater concern. The case will conclude on Tuesday.

[Image via Associated Free Press]

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