Top Gear: At The Movies
Top Gear: At The MoviesDVD & BluRay, © 2011 BBC Worldwide, 76 minutes

Top Gear today launches another tempting offer for the show’s fans on the DVD and Blu-Ray shelves today, with Richard Hammond and James May presenting their new At the Movies special, a celebration of the car’s role on the big and small screen.

The car has often featured in some of the most memorable moments in cinema history, and it’s easy to create your own list of your favourite films fitting this criteria: be it the James Bond series, the Bourne trilogy, or films like Bullitt and The Italian Job.

The next 76 minutes of mayhem will see the boys set themselves up to star in their very own blockbusters.

It kicks off with a challenge inspired by Gene Hackman’s train chase in The French Connection, in which Richard’s Skoda Fabia S2000 rally car is pitted against the world’s first jet-powered man, Yves Rossy. Who will win in a race around Wales’ Sweet Lamb circuit.

Next up, the boys look at the chase scene from Bullitt, and using the scene’s engine noises (which are the soundtrack to the chase sequence) as their inspiration, they attempt to find the ‘goodie’ and ‘baddie’ car with the best engine note: the best selection from Aston Martin, Ferrari, Jaguar and Lamborghini are put through their engine-revving paces.

Using James Bond’s Q as their muse, Hammond and May also attempt to make a Bond Car on a budget, by modifying a Range Rover to make it bulletproof, armed and even invisible. Will it stand up to the ultimate tests against the evil Bond baddies?

That’s just some of the challenges and adventures this special – available in DVD and Blu-Ray format – looks at, in what is entertaining viewing for the Top Gear fan.

I will confess that I (perhaps naively) approached this in the hope that this might be more of a ‘clips’ special, where Hammond and May would talk about a series of excerpts from films – for example, the iconic chase scene in Bullitt – but this wasn’t the case, not least of which because the BBC could never actually afford to broadcast said clips.

Now the apparent lack of a BBC budget (which is seemingly invested in the wealth of explosions and stunts on display here) is a point laboured a little too frequently when these films are referred to, and it does rely heavily on you having watched the films they do talk about.

Nonetheless, this is worth a look. Using our unique ‘Chequered Flags’ rating system, we award Top Gear: At The Movies


Top Gear: At The Movies is available for purchase at major stores from today, retailing at $AU19.95 for the DVD and $24.95 for the Blu-Ray. For Australian viewers, there is a bonus clip focusing on that iconic Australian-made film, Mad Max, which is worth having a look at. Our review copy was supplied to us by Roadshow Media.

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