Marc Gene has urged the FIA to change the qualifying rules

Former Grand Prix racer Marc Gené has urged the FIA to tweak the regulations for qualifying sessions. arguing that the current format deprives fans of on-track action.

Several events last year saw final qualifying sessions with few cars out on the circuit, as some drivers and teams opted to limit running in order to save tyre sets for the race.

Drivers who are knocked out of the earlier qualifying sessions can opt to start on whichever tyre set they wish, but those who post a time in Q3 must start on the tyre set used to post their fastest lap. This in turn led to several drivers opting not to run at all, which also gave them license to select any tyre set to use for the start of the race.

Gené, who previously raced for Minardi in 1999-2000 and part-time with Williams in 2003-4, spoke at the latest FOTA Fans Forum at Barcelona and urged the FIA to take action.

“One thing which must be done is that we must change Q3 under the current qualifying format,” he said.

“We can’t keep having these tyre games, with sometimes as few as six cars on-track at the end. It’s not good for the sport or the fans. It has to change – I’m not sure how, but something has to be done about it.”

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