Make sure you enter this year's F1 Predictions Competition!

Time is running out to get your submissions in for our Chinese Grand Prix round of the 2012 F1 Predictions Competition! There’s also a great prize on offer to this weekend’s round winner!

You can now start submitting and editing your predictions right up until qualifying starts. Entry is open to all of our readers, and it’s so easy to submit your predictions!

Have you been gazing into the tea leaves or reading your fortune cookie inserts? You’ll need to predict the following (no later than 5 minutes before qualifying starts):

  • which driver will win pole position (1 point)
  • which driver will win the race (2 points)
  • which two teams will earn the best finishes in the race (1 point each, doubled if you correctly predict their finishing order)
  • which eight drivers will finish in the top-eight positions (1 point each)

'Brabham Ralt Honda: The Ron Tauranac Story'

A bonus 5 points are awarded to any entrant who correctly guesses an entire round!

You can also choose to ‘double up’ your points tally for the Chinese Grand Prix – but be careful, you can only do this once per season!

The entrant with the highest round score (excluding ‘double up’) score will win this week’s bonus prize: a copy of Brabham Ralt Honda: The Ron Tauranac Story – the acclaimed biography of one of Formula 1’s greatest racing car designers!
You can view the current standings by clicking here. New entrants will be awarded a starting score of 11 points, the current median score after the Malaysian Grand Prix.

To enter your predictions for the Chinese Grand Prix, click here.

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