Lewis Hamilton: My Story, by Lewis Hamilton
’Celebration Edition’ Hardcover, © 2008 Harper Collins, ISBN 9780007311354

imageGiven his rocket-like path into Formula 1 and the success incredible success that he’s been able to enjoy in a relatively short space of time, it’s little surprise that Lewis Hamilton is still such hot property in Formula 1.

The public interest in him is enormous. He has a celebrity girlfriend and all the trappings your could wish for in your wildest dreams.

But he’s also a controversial and, at times, polarising figure. Is he misunderstood, or are we witnessing the growth and development of a young adult who happens to be a Formula 1 driver in front of our very own eyes?

His championship title in 2008 was the culmination of his stellar rise through the junior ranks and into Formula 1, and it was little surprise to see a host of publishers engaged in a bidding war for the rights to an officially-authorised Hamiltion biography.

Lewis went one better with an autobiography effort, although he did engage the services of F1 writer Timothy Collings to ‘ghost write’ it with him.

Ultimately it was Harper Collins who won the bidding war, and the end result is a title that seems more focused on appealing to the casual fan rather than those with a more active interest in Formula 1.

It came out at the same point as a host of ‘unauthorised’ efforts, and it must be said that it doesn’t provide a huge amount in the way of new information that we didn’t already know.

The ‘Celebration Edition’ version – a later edition of the original – is nicely packaged and there are some very good photographs throughout, but it lacks depth and content that we’d perhaps been craving.

Perhaps there’s already been so much saturation of Hamilton that we know everything already? Perhaps he’s not actually that interesting? Perhaps this was written with the strict understanding that the skeletons in his closet remain there?

This is certainly a title worth taking a look at, but it ultimately feels like a missed opportunity.

Using our unique ‘Chequered Flags’ rating system, we award Lewis Hamilton: My Story


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