Ten Sport has copped huge flak following its decision to switch broadcasting platforms

Perhaps we have Mark Webber to thank for voicing his concerns with Network Ten’s recent shafting of its Formula 1 fans?

Equally, it’s down to the thousands of angry fans across the country.

But what we have is a win of sorts, with Network Ten today announcing that it would reinstate live, high-definition broadcasts to viewers in South Australia and Western Australia.

An hour ago, he wrote this on his Twitter feed:


…and almost simultaneously, Network Ten released the following statement:

“Network Ten is committed to bringing Formula One and MotoGP to more viewers and building motorsport’s television presence in Australia.

“This was achieved successfully on Sunday night (April 22), when running [the] Formula One Bahrain Grand Prix on TEN produced a 46% increase in viewers in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane compared with the same round last year.

“As a result, Network Ten’s broadcast of Formula One and MotoGP will remain live on TEN in the Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane markets.

“But we recognise that viewers in Adelaide and Perth want live sport. We acknowledge the concerns expressed by some viewers in those cities about the delayed telecast of Sunday night’s race.

“Network Ten has, therefore, decided to broadcast Formula One and MotoGP in Adelaide and Perth live on ONE. Viewers in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane will continue to receive the broadcast live on TEN.

In addition, we will live stream the broadcast on www.tensport.com.au in all markets.”

So what does this mean for us? Well, thankfully, all Australians – and not just those who live on the eastern seaboard – can now watch F1 again, live, as sport can only be broadcast.

However, those on the eastern side will only be able to watch it in crappy standard definition.

Undoubtedly, this is an improvement on the situation from last weekend, but we won’t be satisfied until Network Ten honours its original commitment to broadcast Formula 1 and MotoGP in glorious high-definition across the country.

Alternatively, I’m going to have to move to Adelaide or Perth…

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