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Pirelli has announced that it will stick with the same tyre compound allocation for the upcoming Canadian, European and British Grands Prix that it used in the 2011 season.

Despite receiving praise – and the odd bit of criticism – for its role in spicing up the 2012 championship season, the series’ official tyre maker will continue with its policy of providing as much strategic variance as possible for the teams with the tyre compounds it elects to allocate at each race.

The Canadian Grand Prix will see Pirelli run its ‘soft’ and ‘super soft’ compounds. The European Grand Prix at Valencia will see the ‘soft’ and ‘medium’ tyre compounds in use, while the British Grand Prix will see a double-gap in compound allocations, with the ‘soft’ and ‘hard’ compounds in use.

While the compound names are the same, the actual compounds themselves are considerably softer than those used in 2011. Expect plenty of on-track excitement at these races, even at a dull venue like Valencia!

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