With any luck, a repeat of Sergio Perez's accident can be avoided at this year's Monaco Grand Prix

Event organisers have made several safety-focused changes to the Monaco street circuit ahead of this weekend’s Grand Prix at the Principality.

One of the most significant changes has been the levelling out of the bumpy track surface in the braking zone for the Nouvelle Chicane, which were the triggers for the huge accidents suffered by Nico Rosberg and Sergio Pérez during the 2011 race weekend.

Officials have also installed TecPro barriers at more corners, including the entrance to the Swimming Pool complex Officials have also pushed the barrier Pérez collected during last year’s event further back, which has been enabled by relocating the extraction crane that was originally positioned immediately behind these barriers.

The TecPro barriers – one of the devices credited with the comparatively light injuries sustained by Pérez in his accident – will again feature on the track’s layout, with additional barriers installed at the Sainte Devote and Swimming Pool complex in place of the tyre walls that had existed there before.

In a further bid to reduce the impact speeds of out of control cars, officials have added a much more abrasive surface in the run-off areas at the Sainte Devote, Mirabeau and Nouvelle Chicane complexes.

DRS has again been banned in the tunnel To improve the entry angle into the circuit’s pit lane, officials have also removed a planter box positioned on the right-hand side of pit entry.

As was the case for last year’s event, the use of DRS in the circuit’s famous tunnel has again been banned to reduce the risk of accidents.

Here’s hoping for a safer Monaco Grand Prix!

A double-billing of F1 and V8s at Abu Dhabi!

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