Is this the reason for Villeneuve's shaved head?

Observant fans will have noticed former World Champion Jacques Villeneuve had finally elected to do away with his increasingly-thinning locks for the Canadian Grand Prix. We think we know why…

Villeneuve has not done without a few vanity tricks from time to time over the course of his Formula 1 career. Many will remember the French-Canadian dyed his hair an assortment of colours during his years with the Williams team, and there were rumours that he would use the bathroom wearing his race helmet so no one saw he was going bald.

So it’s something of a surprise to see that he took a razor to his few remaining strands ahead of his one-off appearance as a pundit for the SKY F1 team at this home event.

But perhaps the new look is as a result of some recent comments Villeneuve has made in objection to the ongoing university student protests that have been making headline news across the world.

The students are protesting extreme rises to their tuition fees, and many have threatened to blockade this weekend’s Grand Prix as a form of protest. At the time, Villeneuve was particularly critical of the students’ actions.

“I think it is now time for these people to wake up and stop complaining,” he said on Thursday.

“It has lasted long enough now. They probably never had parents who told them ‘No’ at a certain point. This is costing the city a fortune, it makes no sense. The people should now grow up.”

According to a report on the CBC news station, Villeneuve since received a multitude of death threats via email since making his comments.

Perhaps the ‘do’ is a disguise…

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