A good dummy spit from Sebastian Vettel...

Surprise, surprise. Red Bull Racing advisor mouthpiece Dr Helmut Mark is at it again, blabbering on with another claim that the FIA is plotting against the team.

The Safety Car interruption was triggered by track debris during the European Grand Prix. Ultimately, it brought about the retirement of Sebastian Vettel, who was on course for a dominant win, until his alternator overheated.

No doubt we would never be hearing such claims had Vettel actually won the race, but in a diatribe that would do Ferrari proud, Marko claimed that the full-course caution was brought on the spice up “the show”.

Vettel was too far ahead and so the field was brought back together,” the Austrian was quoted as saying on German television.

“[It’s] just as they do in American racing,” he added.

But the dummy spit wasn’t just isolated to Marko, and even Vettel chimed in with his own comments.

“It just went to sh**,” he complained. “I think it was clear to see that (until then) we were pulling away without problems. [The safety car] broke our neck.”

Cue a hastily-written press release from Red Bull Racing’s PR team claiming the comments were taken out of context…

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