Red Bull Racing will be forced to conform to the FIA's new engine mapping rules

As expected, Red Bull Racing has been forced to alter its engine mapping settings ahead of this weekend’s Hungarian Grand Prix.

The FIA has since issued a clarification on the sport’s engine mapping regulations following the controversy at last weekend’s German Grand Prix when the team was reported to the Stewards in the hours before the race at Hockenheim.

The FIA’s technical delegate, Jo Bauer, discovered the altered engine mapping setting, which he argued gave the team’s Renault engines a reduced torque band in the mid-RPM range, and theoretically, an affect akin to a traction control device that reduced wheelspin.

The regulations have since clarified Article 5.3.3 of the Technical Regulations to ban this mapping and to enforce a more linear relationship between throttle position and the torque demand it places on engines.

It is also understood that the tweaked regulation will further limit the number of adjustments teams are able to make to torque maps on a race-by-race basis.

While not officially confirmed, it is understood that the teams will be required to nominate one engine map setting – effectively a reference – that they used during the first four races of the season, which will then need to be approved by the FIA.

Once approved, the engine torque maps above 6,000RPM must not differ from the reference torque maps by more than two per cent either way.

A double-billing of F1 and V8s at Abu Dhabi!

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