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The boys from Top Gear are back with another special, this time the task at hand, to try and find the worst car in the history of the world (all things considered).

The mutual agreement of not arguing with each other is thrown straight out the window, with the two presenters James May and Jeremy Clarkson bickering about why they let the other on their program.

The main consideration the boys account for is to look for a car that is terrible, but not cheap. This means that old, shabby cars wouldn’t be in the running because they’re cheap for a reason.

James and Jeremy are on the search for a car that isn’t cheap, but a car that is built poorly by a manufacturer that should have known better. Some of the cars featured on the program and are contenders are; The 1980 Ferrari Mondial, the 1995 Ferrari F50, the Alfa Romeo GTV6 and the Citron Pluriel.

Although there is a relatively serious component to this Top Gear Special, James and Jeremy still remember that this is not just an informative car show, but it’s also an entertainment show. The continuous banter between hosts and derogatory comments towards each other hasn’t been forgotten, with James and Jeremy getting sidetracked and start to insult each other’s interest in cars, particularly cars that they own or have previously owned. Cars in the firing line include the 2005 Ford GT, Mercedes AMG C63 Black and the 1991 Porsche 911 Carrera RS.

This segment screams Top Gear as the presenters go to juvenile lengths to make sure the other won’t interfere with their tarnishing review. This example of an obvious set up is what we have come to expect from Top Gear, which can be seen as immature and a play at ‘forced comedy’. 

The Stig’s ‘Yorkshire cousin’ makes an appearance, setting a time in a BMW M5 around a gymkhana course which James and Jeremy aim to beat in the Americans contribution towards poorly constructed cars, the Lincoln Continental Mk-IV and the Buick LeSabre Custom.

The Worst Car in the History of the World is another special worth adding to your collection. A mix of thrashing fast cars around a circuit and criticising a car manufactures every mistake in an awful car makes for a good 70 minutes of telly.

Using our unique ‘Chequered Flags’ rating system, we award Top Gear: The Worst Cars In The History Of The World…


Top Gear: The Worst Cars In The History Of The World is available for purchase at major stores. Our review copy was supplied to us by Roadshow Media.

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