The Tifosi worldwide face the same challenges as the rest of us when it comes to getting the best grandstand seats in the house. We have a few useful tips for you...

Attending a Formula 1 Grand Prix has become a very digitalized experience, and ensuring you purchase tickets from a trusted and secure retailer is becoming an increasing challenge.

We’ve put together three top tips, which should enable you to get the best seats at the best prices, whilst being able look forward to the event knowing the tickets are guaranteed!

Choosing seats

In recent years, it’s become a must to purchase tickets in advance. Gone are the early days of turning up early on race day and picking up a general admission tickets (mostly!), so you now need to book well in advance.

The best place to start off is by visiting the official circuit website and searching for a detailed map of the circuit in the configuration they will use for the Formula 1.

Prices will vary dramatically depending on exactly where you’d like to sit; the start/finish seats are usually some of the most expensive, so have a look and choose two or three locations. By doing this, you’re able to compare prices without getting distracted by so-called ‘cheap’ offers!

Where to Buy

After you’ve chosen where you’d like to sit, it’s time to purchase. You’ll now realise you’ve got an enormous range of websites selling tickets, and it can be hard to choose where to buy!

You could start by visiting Ticket Hangar and find out what the market value is. Your second stop should be the official channels, the circuit’s website followed by the website.

If possible, purchasing from these channels is recommended, but they are often sold out, and as such you won’t be able to purchase.

Numerous reputable retailers exist, a quick Google search should bring you up a number of them. Before purchasing, you should check the retailer is reputable.

Another quick Google search with the company name is a good idea, as well as looking on review sites.

Finally, check the two biggest social networks. Facebook and Twitter are both great places to check, look for a Facebook page and see who’s tweeted about them. If you’re on the social networks, ask other users if they have used them before.

Secure purchasing

This is the single most important factor, make sure the website is secure!

It’s very similar to the standard practice you will use when purchasing on an ecommerce store. Check for the security logos in your browser, make sure the company has a physical address and contact telephone number, and finally use a secure payment method. If you use a credit card of PayPal, you should be protected in case anything goes wrong.

That’s our top three tips, and if you’ve still got a need to get out on the race track, you could always try a driving experience – that should satisfy your needs!

[Image via The Cahier Archive]

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